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May 15
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On May 31, exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network in the United States, history will be made when The New Day, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro, Los Matadores, Lucha Dragons, The Prime Time Players and The Ascension compete in the first WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match. We know there will be chaos. We know there will be non-stop action. We know there will be Superstars strewn around 10 tons of steel. But, which duo will have the advantage going into this unique contest? And who will be the underdogs?

On the surface, it would seem the high-flying teams of Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons would be at the biggest disadvantage. After all, they can only soar so high when trapped inside the inescapable Chamber. However, there is history to suggest that the pairings of Diego & Fernando and Kalisto & Sin Cara may be able to inflict even more damage with their aerial attacks inside the Elimination Chamber. Who can forget RVD’s vicious Five-Star Frog Splash on Triple H in the very first Elimination Chamber Match at Survivor Series 2002?

Then you have The Ascension. These guys may not have the experience of some of the other teams in this bout, but their size and strength could certainly be used as an advantage. If you think a body slam on the steel hurts, imagine when it’s coming from Viktor & Konnor. Can these intense young competitors power their way past the competition at Elimination Chamber?

This leaves The New Day, Kidd & Cesaro and The Prime Time Players, who possess a blend of speed and strength. Will this unique combination be an advantage or disadvantage for these tag teams? One thing that could definitely help both teams is that fact that they have the only two guys – The Dreadlocked Dynamo and The Swiss Superman – with previous experience competing inside the Elimination Chamber.

There also is the wildcard of who from The New Day will be competing inside the Chamber? You can be sure the championship trio will try their best to utilize all their talents on May 31, but not even these positive Superstars can will their way past the Elimination Chamber’s steel borders. How will Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods respond to their steel surroundings?

Don’t miss the WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match, live on WWE Network, on Sunday, May 31, to see which tag team proves to be the most at home inside WWE’s playground of pain. (source)

May 15

We come back from break to see Darren and Titus doing the ‘Millions of Dollars’ dance with a young WWE fan they pulled out the crowd. They headed ringside to join commentary for the Four Corners Tag Team Match which featured four of the teams, The Ascension, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro, Los Matadores and The Lucha Dragons competing in the Elimination Chamber WWE Tag Team Championship Match. Before they joined commentary, they did the ‘Millions of Dollars’ dance with commentator Jerry Lawler. Titus represented The Prime Time Players, as The New Day’s Xavier Woods spoke on behalf of WWE Tag Champs, The New Day. Titus and Woods went back-and-forth throughout the exciting match, and as you can imagine, it eventually got out-of-control. The Lucha Dragons won the match after Kalisto jumped backward off the second-rope and gave one of the matadors a hurricanrana into a pin. It was an interesting preview of what we could see at Elimination Chamber, in less than 2 weeks live on WWE Network!

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May 15
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5.25.15. See the full documentary! Video done by Drew Chiminec. We’ll have full coverage here on the site.

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May 15

Titus O’Neil and Darren Young are confident they’ll walk away from the Elimination Chamber victorious.

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May 15
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For the first time, the cruelest structure in all of sports-entertainment will house tag team action when WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defend their titles inside the Elimination Chamber on Sunday, May 31.

Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods learned of the match after retaining the twin titles against former champions Cesaro & Tyson Kidd at WWE Payback.

The positive Superstars will have to defend their coveted championship against five other duos, all clamoring to become the new faces of WWE’s tag team division.

The New Day’s Payback challengers, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro, will get another chance to reclaim the WWE Tag Team Titles when they take part in the WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match. Cesaro competed inside the unforgiving steel structure last year, giving the former Tag Team Champions a potential advantage in the contest.

The Prime Time Players have showcased their comedic skills over recent weeks, insulting pretty much every tag team in WWE. Now, they will get an opportunity to back up their trash talk when they battle for the titles on May 31.

The Ascension’s powerful attack could prove beneficial inside the Chamber, as Konnor & Viktor look to claim their first WWE Tag Team Title victory.

Los Matadores are no strangers to tag team title contention, but thus far, the championship has eluded them. It remains to be seen how Diego & Fernando’s high-flying offense will translate inside the 10-ton steel structure.

The Lucha Dragons have been flying under the radar as of late, but they will get to showcase their skills to the world, live on WWE Network. Can this captivating tag team win the WWE Tag Team Titles at Elimination Chamber?

Until now, the hazardous combat zone known as the Elimination Chamber has only hosted singles matches over the course of its harrowing history. Traditionally, Elimination Chamber Matches have featured a total of six Superstars, with two Superstars starting the contest and four others locked inside glass pods, entering the bout randomly and at regularly scheduled intervals. The only way to be eliminated is by pinfall or submission.

Don’t miss this historic battle when WWE Elimination Chamber takes over the award-winning WWE Network on Sunday, May 31. (source)

“Mr. No Days Off”

Fred Rosser, aka “Mr. No Days Off”, was born November 2, 1983 and has been wrestling since 2002 when he made his indies debut. He is most known for his time working in WWE under the ring name, Darren Young for the past 9 years. On August 15, 2013, he made history announcing that he was gay becoming the first WWE Superstar in history ever to do that, paving the way for LGBTQ athletes around the world. On October 29, 2017, he was shockingly released with the WWE, after being off TV due to an injury. He now returns to the Indy scene as “Mr. No Days Off”, Fred Rosser, as he continues his legacy and an advocate for LGBTQ citizens and athletes everywhere. Read more of his bio here!

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