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Nov 15
Terrell   WWE Live Results

*WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Prime Time Players and The Dudley Boyz. (source)




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Nov 15


Erick Rowan began the match with Darren Young. Rowan tossed Young around, then tagged Luke Harper. Young caught Harper with a kick to the back of the head, which led to a tag to Titus O’Neil. Young came back in, but found little success. Side kick by Rowan to Young showed a lot of light. Young got his boots up on a Wyatt charge, but Young was put right back down with a clothesline. Braun Strowman tagged in for the first time in the match. Booker called him “unstoppable.” Young briefly slowed Strowman, but Strowman got him in the bear-hug/choke on the apron. He dropped Young to ringside where Young was counted-out of the contest. When O’Neil came to check on his partner, Strowman attacked him from behind. He was thrown into the barricade. They went to break at with the Lucha Dragons staring down Strowman, and Strowman looking at them like he was looking at a delicious steak dinner.

Back with O’Neil still taking the brunt of the Wyatts’ punishment. DDT by Wyatt put an end to O’Neil’s comeback attempt. O’Neil was finally able to take Wyatt down and he tagged in Sin Cara. Flying headscissors by Cara on Harper, and another. Springboard moonsault and a suicide dive, which brought some energy to the crowd. Hurricanrana on Harper for two. Springboard DDT on Harper, but Rowan broke up the pin. Harper turned Cara inside-out with a discus clothesline, sending Cara packing. Springboard seated senton by Kalisto. Harper with a half-nelson overhead throw to Kalisto. Pumphandle back-breaker to Kalisto from Rowan. Kalisto dumped Rowan out of the ring with a headscissors. Strowman pulled O’Neil’s legs out when Kalisto tried to make the tag. The heels were all getting involved at this point and Kalisto was fending them all off. O’Neil was still out and Rowan surprised Kalisto with a shoulder tackle. Full-nelson slam and Kalisto was pinned. O’Neil cautiously approached the ring while the entire Wyatt Family waited for him. O’Neil got the crowd behind him as he held his own. Powerslam for only two on Harper. Clash of the Titus broken up by Wyatt and Rowan. The official ushered them to their corner when Strowman tagged in. Strowman caught O’Neil in his finisher, and Wyatt tagged in. Wyatt finished him with Sister Abigail.

WINNERS and SURVIVORS: The Wyatt Family (source)

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Nov 15
Terrell   WWE Live Results

*WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day retained over The Prime Time Players when Kofi Kingston used his feet on the ropes to get a pin. (source)





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Oct 15

Back on Raw, Titus O’Neil was in the ring standing with breast-cancer survivors. Behind him were several WWE Superstars and Divas, plus Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, for an in-ring speech. Titus said that tonight they become one team rising above cancer. The Prime Time Players’s music played, bringing in Darren Young for a celebratory dance. (source)

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Oct 15
Terrell   Main Event Results

Match Number Two: Titus O’Neil and Darren Young versus Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan

Rowan and Darren start things off and they lock up. Rowan with a waist lock take down and then he kicks Young in the ribs. Young with a roaring elbow but Rowan with a kick. Rowan drags Young into the corner but Young gets away before Strowman tags in. Young tags in Titus. They lock up and Braun sends Titus to the mat. Strowman with a shoulder tackle and he picks up Titus but Titus with punches. Strowman with an Irish whip but Titus floats over and connects with shoulders.

Young tags in and he punches Strowman until Braun pushes Darren away and then knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Strowman with a shoulder in the corner and Rowan tags in and connects with a forearm from the apron before he gets a near fall. Rowan with a slam followed by a leaping knee drop to the chest and he gets a near fall. Rowan with the double noogie.

Young grabs Rowan by the beard and he hits an enzuigiri but Rowan stays on his feet. Titus tags in and Titus with punches and forearms across the chest. Titus with a clothesline to take Rowan down. Titus with a Dog Bark splash into the corner. Titus with a boot to the chest and he gets a near fall. Strowman makes the blind tag and he hits Titus from behind when he goes for Clash of the Titus. Rowan with a clothesline.

Braun sends Darren over the top rope to the floor. Strowman with the elevated head and arm choke and Titus passes out.

Winners: Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman (source)

“Mr. No Days Off”

Fred Rosser, aka “Mr. No Days Off”, was born November 2, 1983 and has been wrestling since 2002 when he made his indies debut. He is most known for his time working in WWE under the ring name, Darren Young for the past 9 years. On August 15, 2013, he made history announcing that he was gay becoming the first WWE Superstar in history ever to do that, paving the way for LGBTQ athletes around the world. On October 29, 2017, he was shockingly released with the WWE, after being off TV due to an injury. He now returns to the Indy scene as “Mr. No Days Off”, Fred Rosser, as he continues his legacy and an advocate for LGBTQ citizens and athletes everywhere. Read more of his bio here!

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