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Oct 14
Terrell   Total Divas

Total Darren! Total Darren! Total Darren! He has been in a episode every season!! Darren continued his guest-starring role as he was featured in last night’s 2-part episode of “Total Divas“. Darren was in the 2nd episode, “The Double Cross” as a special guest with Natalya in New York for the KidzVuz BloggerBash Back-to-School event, held earlier in July of this year. As they were going out to dinner in the episode getting out the car, a paparazzi asked Nattie, “Where’s TJ?” and she responded, “We’re not divorced yet.”, causing Darren to say, “I don’t want to get my ass kicked.” Could you say awkward?!  He went to dinner with her at Serendipity following the event, talking with her about her relationship on the rocks with husband, TJ, also better known as Tyson Kidd.

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Video coming soon!!

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Sep 14
Terrell   Total Divas

Darren was briefly featured on “Total Divas” tonight! You could see his tights which were blue and on the back say, “Mr. No Days Off”.


Again, Darren will be featured in a later episode of “Total Divas” with Diva Natalya in New York. Stay tuned for that one! Don’t miss brand-new episodes of “Total Divas” Sundays at 9pm only on E!


For more information on the hit E! reality show, please click here.


Screen captures & video coming shortly!

Sep 14

E! has named Darren ONE of the HOTTEST WWE Superstars right now, on the “Total Divas” website.


Check out the mini bio below:

Darren Young is the first WWE performer to come out publicly as gay while actively wrestling for the company. He previously played football in college before switching to wrestling. He made his video game debut in WWE 2K14 and previously won the East Coast Wrestling Association Championship, the National Wrestling Superstars Tag Team Championship, and the Independent Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship.


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Sep 14

As you all know, the hit E! reality show featuring the beautiful ladies of the WWE, “Total Divas” returns tonight. It stars The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki), Naomi, Cameron, Natalya, Eva Marie, Summer Rae & newest Total Diva, Rosa Mendes, who’s back after a year off.

Since the hit reality show is in it’s 3rd season, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at Darren on “Total Divas”, because Darren has appeared on both seasons, and also will be in the new season.

In Season 1, he appeared in Episode #2: “A Tango with Fandango”, quickly, backstage walking, after Fandango talked to JoJo & Eva Marie.

Check out Darren’s appearance below (It begins at 4:28):


In Season 2, he appeared in Episode #4: “Inhale, Exhale”, talking with Ariane aka Cameron briefly during the NOH8 Photoshoot for the NOH8 Campaign, done earlier this year in Dayton, Ohio backstage at “Raw”, featuring several WWE Superstars & Divas, including Darren & the Total Divas!

You can purchase the episode for only $1.99 and see Darren’s appearance by clicking here. (It begins at 20:24).

Catch Darren in a future episode on this third season of “Total Divas” from New York with Natalya!

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Jul 14



Darren and WWE Diva & “Total Divas” star Natalya represented WWE at the KidzVuz Back-to-School Bash in New York on Friday night, apart of the Blogger Bash convention. The hit E! reality show, “Total Divas” cameras were there filming… so Darren will be a special guest on the show for Season 3, coming in September! They also had a special dinner together.

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“Mr. No Days Off”

Fred Rosser, aka “Mr. No Days Off”, was born November 2, 1983 and has been wrestling since 2002 when he made his indies debut. He is most known for his time working in WWE under the ring name, Darren Young for the past 9 years. On August 15, 2013, he made history announcing that he was gay becoming the first WWE Superstar in history ever to do that, paving the way for LGBTQ athletes around the world. On October 29, 2017, he was shockingly released with the WWE, after being off TV due to an injury. He now returns to the Indy scene as “Mr. No Days Off”, Fred Rosser, as he continues his legacy and an advocate for LGBTQ citizens and athletes everywhere. Read more of his bio here!

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