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Jul 14
Terrell   Appearances,GaymerX2


Here are more videos of Darren from the GaymerX convention this weekend including the closing ceremony this past Sunday:



Jul 14
Terrell   Appearances,GaymerX2


Darren attended the GaymerX convention this weekend in San Francisco with his boyfriend, Nick, the only convention for specifically LGBT gamers.

On the first day, Friday, July 11th, he spoke at the opening ceremonies in the morning and you can check out video below:

He also had a special fireside chat later in the afternoon as one of their “Bosses of Honor” where he chatted about his story getting to the main roster, WWE 2K14, coming out, being an openly gay wrestler and the first openly gay selectable sports character.

On the second day, Saturday, July 12th, he had a special meet-and-greet signing at the 2K Booth where fans could play WWE2K14 and see if they could ‘Defeat the Streak‘!

On the third and final day, Sunday, July 13th, he participated in a special Donors Luncheon with other select ‘Bosses of Honor’ where all the donors that participated at GaymerX were honored.

He also spoke at the closing ceremonies, and you can check out exclusive video below:


Keep checking the website all this week for more exclusive photos and videos in the gallery and on the website.
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Jul 14
Terrell   Appearances,GaymerX2


Darren is currently at the GaymerX convention in San Francisco, with his boyfriend, Nick, where you can meet him this weekend. Refer to Darren’s schedule of events in our earlier post here.

Below is a video of him speaking at the opening ceremonies earlier this morning:

Enjoy GaymerX everyone!!! Have fun! Be sure to tweet your pics to us via Twitter and Instagram… Both at @DarrenYoungFans using the hashtag: #DarrenGaymerX! Can’t wait to see your photos!

Jul 14
Terrell   Appearances,GaymerX2


GaymerX is FINALLY here!!! GaymerX is the only convention specifically for LGBT gamers, and Darren and his boyfriend, Nick are making appearances there all weekend from Friday, July 11th – Sunday, July 13th at the Intercontinental San Francisco Resort.

Darren will be making several appearances during the convention!! Here’s a little information about his big meet & greet on Saturday:

On the WWE2K14 side, don’t miss the Meet-and-Greet Signing Session with WWE Superstar, Darren Young, Saturday, 7/12 at 3:30PM-5:30PM at the 2K booth.

At the booth, take part in the Defeat the Streak Challenge to win some awesome prize packages. Details is as follows:

Defeat the Streak Challenge
Play the “Defeat the Streak” mode in WWE 2K14 at the 2K booth for a chance to win one of ten 2K Games prize packages, or the grand prize of a private meet-and-greet with Darren Young.

For more information, please check out the article here.

Below is the schedule and the events Darren are attending:

Friday, July 11th:

  • 9:55a.m.: Opening Ceremonies – Matt Conn, Toni Rocca, Gordon Bellamy, Darren Young, David Gaider & Mattie Brice

We invite all our guests to help us kick off our celebrations. We’ll be welcoming all of you and helping you all start the con off right!

  • 2:00p.m.: Fireside Chat with Darren Young – Matt Conn & Darren Young

Join an intimate conversation with WWE’s Darren Young (Fred Rosser) and Matt Conn about Darren’s rise to the main roster and being an openly gay wrestler, his coming out, WWE2K14 and being the first openly gay selectable sports character!

Saturday, July 12th:

  • 3:30p.m.: Meet & Greet/Signing with Darren Young at 2K Booth – Darren Young

Meet Darren at the 2K Booth and take part in the “Defeat the Streak” Challenge. Play the “Defeat the Streak” mode in WWE 2K14 at the 2K booth for a chance to win one of ten 2K Games prize packages, or the grand prize of a private meet-and-greet with Darren Young.

Sunday, July 13th:

  • 12:15p.m.: Donor Lunch (Donor Tickets Only) – Matt Conn, Zach Weiner, Alexis Ohanian & Darren Young

Enjoy a super lunch for GaymerX donors only with select Bosses of Honor including Darren.

For the full schedule of events this weekend, please click here. For more information on the GaymerX convention and to purchase tickets, visit their website by clicking here.

Enjoy GaymerX everyone!!! Stay tuned to the website this weekend for updates from the convention including exclusive photos and videos.



Jul 14
Terrell   Appearances,GaymerX2



This weekend, Darren and his boyfriend, Nick will be appearing at the annual Gaymerx2 convention in San Francisco, focusing on LGBT game players and developers. Check out part of the article below from NewNowNext:

Queer video-game enthusiasts are gearing up for GaymerX, the only con focusing on LGBT game players and developers, happening July 11-13 at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco.

The unique event includes panel discussions, game demos, cosplay and an appearance by out WWE wrestler Darren Young, who will sign autographs and partake in toe Fireside Chat with Darren Young panel. “Gay geeks and gamers around the world deserve to have their own community and I’m very proud to be a part of what should be an awesome experience,” says Young, who is featured in the WWE 2K14 wrestling game.

“Darren Young’s involvement in GaymerX is tremendously exciting. We understand the struggle that athletes face in coming out, especially when they live in the spotlight,” quoted Toni Rocca, President of GaymerX. “For a member of an organization as widely watched as WWE to be comfortable with his identity and also to continue to be accepted in his line of work is a great example for all athletic fields out there.”

Some 2,000 LGBT and ally gamers are expected at the weekend event. Get info on tickets and scheduling here.


Click here to read the rest of the article!

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